Frequently Asked Questions

I have problems obtaining a mailbox.

- Check the fields you have entered:  login, first/last name, password, password confirmation.
If the login name is used already, you won't be able to create an account with the same name. If you still want to use this login name, try adding some letters or digits. For example, if the address is taken, try something like


I can't login -- the password I've entered during the registration won't work.

- Most often this happens because you have entered your password with lithuanian letters during the registration. When logging in, try switching to lithuanian as well. If this doesn't help, check if you have entered your password with Caps Lock turned on (test and TEST are considered different passwords). When nothing helps, send a message to and mention your login, first/last name and email that you have entered in the registration form.

Note: If you managed to enter after switching to lithuanian (i.e., your password consists of lithuanian letters), we recommend changing your password, excluding lithuanian letters from it. You can change your password in "User Preferences".


How do I read my mail without a Web interface?

- We don't push our users to read their mail only in Netscape or Explorer. If you prefer Pegasus, Eudora or The Bat, you can get your mail from our POP3 server. Just set your POP3 server to in your program's preferences.

Note: If you use a program that checks for new mail periodically, please don't set it to do that more often than once in 15 minutes. A big number of users checking for new messages too often gives our server an additional load and slows down other users' work.


How do I send my mail without a Web interface?

- You can't use our SMTP server. We recommend using your provider's SMTP server for your outgoing messages.
Also, we are using special anti-SPAM techniques, so you will not be able to send large number of message in a short time period.


Can I send attachments?

- Yes.


What is the maximum mailbox size?

- The maximum mailbox size at is 2MB.
This is the total size of all messages in all folders. It means that if your box is filled up, for any incoming message there will be the following auto-reply:

Message will exceed maximum mailbox size for Mail rejected.

The messages will NOT be kept in the mailbox, although they will be resent to all addresses.


How can I remove my mailbox?

- You can use "Delete Account" button in "User Preferences" menu


I want another Can I rename my mailbox?

For the moment, we can suggest only this way:
- You register yourself a new login and delete the old one.


After entering anybody can read my mail from my computer. How can I prevent it?

- When you start your session, our server remembers your computer so that you don't have to enter your login name and password for each action you perform. The server remembers your computer for 4 hours, and during this time you can enter without entering your login and password. You can utilize the "Logout" button to make the server "forget" your computer. After that, any attempt to enter will require entering your login and password.


How can I change my password?

- Click "User Preferences". At the Preferences page, choose "Password Options". You will see the fields with your information. To change your password, you must enter it in the "Password" and "Password Verification" fields. Please make sure that you enter your password correctly. If you're sure that the information is correct, click "Change". If you are not sure go to "Main Page" to cancel all changes.


Please send all your questions to

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